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Our Fee Structure

Access to the RD Relief online claim portal is free - allowing clients to prepare and support their claims in the cloud themselves.
With easy to follow training videos and sophisticated online workflows that adapt to the information you provide, the technology enables a simple, effective and affordable way for clients to prepare their claims.
Where clients require additional support (such as onsite workshops and eligibility deep-dive discussions), we are happy to provide such services at a fair rate. As you (or your team) will be leading the claim through the self-service portal, our R&D experts can focus on the true value-add, minimising your costs, while ensuring that you have a maximised but robust R&D Tax claim.

Typical Fee Structures for R&D claims

Fees for R&D Tax Credits claims have historically come in a range of different forms.
These fees have historically depended upon:
  • How established the claim process is
  • The level (or estimated level) of qualifying expenditure
  • Whether there are any other claim complexities
However, this is now all changing as technology disrupts the market. Companies no longer need to give away a large portion of their claim - which instead should be reinvested into the company - as has been the desire of HMRC.

Contingent Fees

Contingent Fees between 10% and 25% of the benefit (not to be confused with contingent fees of the qualifying expenditure) are commonplace for R&D Tax Credit claims. Some companies advertise contingent rates as a proportion of the Qualifying Expenditure (rather than as a proportion of the benefit), so be clear on what the cost will be.
The argument for the contingent fee structure is that more high valued claims require more preparation and support and so a more substantial fee is required.

Fixed Fees

From our experience, Fixed Fees for the preparation of R&D Tax Credit claims range from £1k to £2M depending upon scope, complexity and size.
Fixed fees are sensible where clients have a history of successful R&D claims and know what deliverables they require. Thus they are relevant where companies are looking to reduce costs.

Time and Materials (T&M) Fees

Where a company knows what deliverables they want, or they have been preparing a claim in-house and now require advice to support their claim, but want to remain flexible with the work required, then a T&M fee may be the most suitable option.

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