About RD Relief

About the RD Relief Team

Who We Are

We are a passionate team driven by the desire to revolutionise the efficiency of claiming R&D Tax Credits. We bring together advanced cloud technology with the industry-leading R&D experts, to reduce time and cost, while vastly increasing the quality of your deliverables.

How We Got Started

Founded in 2017, RD Relief aims to automate the R&D claim process. With a clear vision of what an eventual platform should look like, our software development team set to create the new technology.
After going live in early 2018, all of our R&D specialists are (and will continue to be) either from Big 4 professional service firms or leading R&D industry backgrounds.

What Makes Us Different

RD Relief is a sophisticated self-service claim platform supported by leading experts to provide the human touch if required.
We strive to increase the efficiency of preparing R&D tax claims and through the use of our cutting-edge AI algorithms, deliver R&D Claims that are maximised and more robust than has traditionally been possible.
Combining the RD Relief cloud technology with industry experts enables us to ensure an efficient process where no stones are left unturned, and manual claim mistakes are a thing of the past. The sophisticated software takes away any previously repetitive activities and means that if R&D specialists are required, they can purely focus on 'value-add' to help maximise and support your company's claim - not on repetitive activities that are costly and error-prone.

Where Are We Based

Headquartered in Leeds, all of our consultants have complete coverage over the whole of the United Kingdom (although in most cases, with our online approach, we find that location is mostly irrelevant).
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